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ilS NetworkSM

Decision Makers

Hospital Medical Directors, Pharmacy Directors, Hospital Managers, Hospital Lab Managers, Former Government Representatives, Former Regional Payers, Former Insurance Company Representatives,…

Physicians and Specialists

Primary Physicians, Specialists and KOLs across different knowledge areas (oncology, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, neurology-pain, dermatology, infant and women’s health, respiratory, anti-infective,…)

Researchers and Scientists

Academics and Scientific Researchers, Medical School Professors, Postdocs, Heads of Research Units,…

Expert Selection Process

The ilS NetworkSM Experts are carefully preselected and screened using a pre-defined methodology:

ilS Network

Illustrative list of Institutions

Expert testimonials

“My experience with ilS has been enjoyable. ilS is a serious Company and it has been straightforward to work with its team members. ilS’ mission is to facilitate the development of the best therapeutic options for our patients, which is so relevant given that all we will be patients at some point in time…”

Dr. Andrés Navarro Ruiz, Pharmacy Director, Hospital Universitario De Elche, Alicante

“During the interviews I have participated in with ilS, I have experienced that ilS consultants always ask the right questions to the right experts. So, as a result, ilS shares valuable insights with the companies responsible of the assessments of future therapies”

Dr. Pierre Bertault, Pharmacy Director, Hôpital de la Timone and Hôpitaux Sud Marseille, Marseille

“As a member of the ilS Network(SM), I have collaborated in very relevant and interesting research projects. During my collaborations, I have experienced a wonderful cooperation during the telephone interviews. All the consultants working at ilS are always helpful and very supportive…”

Representative of an NHS Clinical Commissioning Group

“ilS is a reliable and experienced consultancy for biotech and pharmaceutical companies looking for valuable expertise and profound insights concerning market authorization and reimbursement strategies in different European countries. This expertise helps the companies to further improve their strategic direction and facilitate future market access”

Pharmacist of a German Public Hospital

“Working with ilS is a pleasure. You feel absolutely free to share your knowledge with objectivity and seriousness without any commercial interest, just for the sake of science”

Dr. Francisco Farfán, Pharmacy Director, Hospital de Universitario Fuenlabrada, Madrid

“Through the different interviews I have experienced with ilS, I fully appreciated the design and well-structured mapping of the interview. Moreover, the questions concerning the Market Access of the drugs were well balanced between clinical outcomes and costs”

Dr. Patrick Tilleul, Pharmacy Director in Hôpitaux de Paris (HAS, Public Hospital)

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