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What we do

ilS is an independent, global Company specialized in the Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device sectors.

ilS counts with a senior team, highly motivated and dedicated to guiding companies through the Life Sciences expert consultation process. ilS continuously expands its Life Sciences expert network to fulfill the needs of the Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device sectors, from bench to bedside.

Through the ilS NetworkSM, ilS provides access to global Life Sciences expertise, and Pharma, Biotech and Medical Device companies can connect to experts, conduct in-depth Telephone Interviews or Online Surveys.

Additionally, ilS Life Sciences experts may bring knowledge by participating in Advisory Boards, Focus Groups, Lectures or any event or assessment companies may need.

With Offices in Barcelona and London, ilS counts with collaborators in the USA, LATAM and Asia, in order to make sure both leading and emerging markets are reached. 


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Why we are different

ilS combines classical qualitative and quantitative research with innovative IT solutions. ilS works exclusively in the Life Sciences field. 

ilS offers all primary research solutions a Company may rely on, based on rapid and efficient consultations with a global network of Life Sciences experts.

The ilS NetworkSM includes premier thought leaders, and is conceived for secure information flow between Life Sciences experts and ilS professionals.

ilS qualitative research complies with the highest quality standards, as all Life Sciences experts included in ilS NetworkSM have signed contracts to maintain confidentiality and compliance.

Consultations conducted through the ilS NetworkSM
are the most Timely, Rapid 
and Efficient Primary Research solutions 
for Pharma, Biotech and Medical Devices Companies today in the market. 

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  • ilS celebrated its Second Edition of the ilS Speaker Series(SM)

    The Second Edition of ilS Speaker SeriesSM, which was focused on Rare Diseases, was celebrated last Friday April 27th in Madrid. Under the tilte: "Orphan Drugs: How to Speed Up their Access to Patients with Rare Diseases?" ilS Speaker Series laid the grounds to discuss about the patient and market needs in regards to Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs.

  • ilS presents the Second Edition of ilS Speaker Series(SM) focused this year on Rare Diseases

    Although Rare Diseases are those that affect a small number of the population (5 out of 10,000 inhabitants), only in Spain there are more than 3 million people affected by this condition. For that reason ilS has decided to focus the Second Edition of its ilS Speaker SeriesSM on this subject.

  • ilS Newsletter - January 2015

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  • ilS Specialist in Primary Studies

    Insights in Life Sciences (ilS) is a consultancy firm with broad experience in performing Primary Studies with globally renowned experts in the Life Sciences field. In contrast to Secondary Studies, to perform Primary Studies the source of knowledge is directly accessed first-hand by means of in-depth telephone interviews, online surveys or on-site advisory boards or focus groups. ilS is specialized in the use of the different existing techniques needed to perform such studies.

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