ilS Specialist in Primary Studies
ilS Specialist in Primary Studies

Insights in Life Sciences (ilS) is a consultancy firm with broad experience in performing Primary Studies with globally renowned experts in the Life Sciences field. In contrast to Secondary Studies, to perform Primary Studies the source of knowledge is directly accessed first-hand by means of in-depth telephone interviews, online surveys or on-site advisory boards or focus groups. ilS is specialized in the use of the different existing techniques needed to perform such studies.

More specifically, in order to moderate and invigorate face-to-face advisory boards or focus groups, ilS employs different methodologies in order to achieve a consensus when working with the experts. In its most recent blog entry (, ilS compares the differences between two of the most widely used methods for reaching consensus among the participants: Delphi Method versus Nominal Group technique, both frequently handed in either Advisory Boards or Focus Groups. 

The Delphi Method and the Nominal Group Technique are two of the most well-known methods to achieve opinion consensus among experts. Both consensus techniques, broadly used in the life sciences field, represent a tool for collecting expert opinions regarding topics for which limited or contradictory evidence exists. Moreover, those techniques also allow to guide decision-making.

ilS uses these methodologies while moderating work sessions (Focus Groups or Advisory Boards) with Life Sciences experts (Physicians, Researchers or Payers) for different purposes, including, among others: reaching agreement in regards to the classification of diagnosis criteria, the development of clinical guidelines, the identification of healthcare professionals’ needs, the selection of the best Market Access practices, the estimation of prices for novel drugs, etc...

Several case studies relative to Primary Studies that ilS has performed for the Pharmaceutical Industry are shared here: